1.) What is Ultipro?

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See below for a quick overview of Ultipro – brought to you by Ultimate Software. Below the video we will outline what Ultipro does for us.

Ultipro is our HCM

An HCM stands for Human Capitol Management. This type of software is used to pay and maintain employee and employee records. As a staffing company, Ultipro helps us to build the best work force, while continuing to interact and engage with all of our employees seamlessly.

Features that we utilize with Ultipro are the following:

  • Paperless On-boarding Process
    • Quick and Easy, new employee onboarding.
    • No paperwork required, all completed digitally.
    • Ability to recruit and onboarding from anywhere.
  • Employee Payroll
    • Quick Access to view Pay statements (Mobile App or Desktop Browser).
    • Importing time quickly and efficiently with our custom built templates; quick import of time from work orders from the field.
    • Accurate time; Accurate pay; happy work force.
  • Employee Management
    • Performance Reviews (Quarterly).
    • Employee Assessments Based on Skills.
    • Quick access to reviews to past performance review.
    • Continued and Advanced courses to strengthen skills.
    • Compliance tracking for documentation/policies.
  • Online Learning (E-Learning Courses)
    • Compliance Courses offered online through your Ultipro Learning portal.
    • Accessible through a PC/Mac and Mobile Devices.
    • Notification via email once enrolled in the course.
    • Easy to use interface, complete at your own pace.
    • Advanced and Continued Learning, Anywhere at Anytime!