COVID-19 Company Announcement

A Message From Our CEO

April 1st, 2020

Transcription of Message:


[0:17] “Good Afternoon, My name is Brandyn Ulmer and I am the founder and CEO of Atlas Industrial Outsourcing. If you’re receiving this message, than you’re currently an active Atlas employee. I’ve wanted to reach out to everyone sooner, but with the constantly changing circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we didn’t want to relay any bad information. 

[0:35] The purpose of this message is to update you on three (3) things: Number 1 (1), our current work schedule and our commitment to your safety; Number 2 (2), unemployment and stimulus information; and Number 3 (3), what to expect next.

[0:48] Let’s start with our schedule. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire world, there are currently a lot of people that are out of work and have no idea when they’re going back. We are very lucky, in that the work that we do is considered essential. After coordinating with our customers, I’m happy to report that we have enough work for everybody on our team. So stay by the phone. You will be called for a job if you have not already. 

[1:15] When you’re asked to report to work it’s important to remember that Safety is the number one (1) core value of Atlas. To make sure that we live up to that value, we have made various adjustments to our training, travel, and dispatch procedures to lookout for your safety and to minimize potential exposure to the virus. Furthermore, we have spoken with our customers about the work and hotel conditions that you’re going to be reporting and so far, all of our customers have also made their own steps to make your work experience as safe as possible. This include not only having one (1) person in hotel rooms, taking employee temperatures before shifts, and limiting van travel, to name a view items. I promise that we will not accept projects, if we do not feel that your safety is being put first. 

[2:00] The second item on our agenda is unemployment and stimulus funding. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding unemployment claims and the COVID-19 stimulus checks. Right now, we encourage everyone to file unemployment for the periods that you have not been working. This is your right. However, understand that Atlas is going to be offering opportunities to every active employee on our roster. You’re not obligated to accept assignments, but if you turn down work, or do not make yourself available by answering calls for job offers, we have no choice but to notify the state that you have either refused work or are not making yourself available, and this will disqualify you from receiving further  unemployment compensation.

[2:41] As far as the stimulus funding, it is a matter of who, what, when and where. Who is eligible? Anyone that filed taxes in 2018 or 2019, that makes less than $100,000 per year. What should you expect? If you are eligible, you will receive an automatic payment of $1200 for an individual, or $2400 if you’re married and filing jointly. Furthermore, you will also receive $500 per qualifying child, which is a child that you claimed on your taxes. When should you expect this money? If you had a tax return sent to a bank account when you filed in 2018 or 2019, it is targeted by the IRS that the money will be direct deposited to that account by April the 17th. The IRS has not said when they plan on sending out paper checks. As soon as we know, we will update you. Two (2) things that you need to take in consideration about this money. A.) This is a one time distribution, not monthly, not weekly, not every other week, one time. And B.) If you have back child support, in any state, it will be deducted by the government from your stimulus check. Be prepared for that. 

[3:58] The third item that we want to talk about is what to expect next. What you should expect next from Atlas is increased communication. We’re going to be launching a web series to keep you up to date on customers,  communication, scheduling, tips and advice from the leadership team and health updates. We’re also going to be calling and establishing project availability and updating assignment scheduling.

[4:20] We want everyone to stay safe, wash your hands, practice six feet of social distancing when possible, and in the event that you are showing any symptoms associated with the COVID-19 virus, please notify someone at the office as soon as possible and do not report to work or training.

[4:37] Remember our core values and please stay safe and healthy. We’ll get through this, but only if we work together. Thank you and have a great day. ”

[End: 4:54]