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Our online learning platform is easy to use and social. Interaction between both the students and the instructors is seamless.


We offer online courses with instant certifications, and instructor lead courses via live streaming.


Training is constantly updated, with further improvements in the curriculum and updates to images/videos


Many of our courses are free*, others require a fee. Customers of our company receive a discount.**


What is Atlas Academy?

Atlas Academy is a premier online learning and instructor lead platform. It is owned and operated by Atlas Industrial Outsourcing, LLC (www.atlas-outsourcing.com). Here at Atlas Academy we offer online training much like all contracting companies, but these training courses are much easier to navigate, social interaction between instructors and students, and immediate certifications sent to either the individual or the company sponsoring the individual.

Our online learning platform is best viewed and used via a desktop or laptop (browser based). However, it does work on mobile and tablet devices. All courses are available to specific users, depending on their level and the company that they work for and their specific requirements. Users can be auto-enrolled in courses, users (or students) can request to be enrolled in courses, however some of these courses may be fee based.

We also offer instructor lead courses such as MSHA 46 and MSHA 48b, along with OSHA 10 and OSHA 30. These course are instructor lead utilizing our live-streaming capabilities for a classroom environment. These courses require registration prior to the class date, they also require a fee. If you or your company is interested in enrolling employees into our training courses, please contact us at info@atlas-outsourcing.com or give us a call at 1-833-80-ATLAS.

Terms and Conditions

Free & Paid Courses

Many of our courses are free*

Correct, many of our course are free and do not cost a single penny to our users. Many of these course are also used for internal purposes for introducing new hires and staff members to processes and procedures adopted by Atlas Industrial Outsourcing. However, there may also be other courses that we can offer for free, depending on the circumstances. Best course of action, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us where we can answer them fully.


Customer Discount

Customers of our company receive a discount**

Customers that we already have an established working relationship with will receive a discount code that they can use on all courses offered by Atlas Academy. This discount code will be sent to your safety contact once the company has sent over the roster for employees to be added to our system. This discount code can expire without notice, but is set to renew each year if the company is within good standings. For more information, feel free to reach out to us.